The short film tells a story of a young woman’s first visit to Murchison Falls, a beautiful waterfall in Northern Uganda. She shares her thoughts and invites you on a journey with her as she makes her way to view an astonishing site that she finds mesmerising.

Director Biography – Bathsheba Kabubi

Bathsheba Kabubi is a young Ugandan writer, director, and actress based in London. She is a massive enthusiast of the creative industry. It’s been an industry she had wanted to get into since she was young when at nine years old, she joined Professional Kids while living in South Africa. She holds a first-class honours Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communications degree from the University of East London and a Performing Arts Diploma with distinction from KSA Academy of Performing Arts, London. Her current focus is to make short films that resonate with reality. She also wants to make films that are inspired by our environment. Bathsheba continues to produce and write more of her short movies and monologues. She strongly believes in writing from a place of truth and hopes to inspire many people.