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List Of Films Screening In ASIFF 2019

Participating Countries

Nigeria United States Kenya United Kingdom Egypt Australia Russian Federation France Germany Iran, Islamic Republic of Colombia Canada Italy Spain Uganda India Korea, Republic of Poland Mexico Brazil Finland China Burkina Faso Georgia Argentina Austria Bangladesh Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Hong Kong Ireland Japan Malawi Martinique Montenegro Netherlands Portugal Serbia Thailand Turkey Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of Zambia Bulgaria


Runtime- 3:00 – Short film

Dissimulator is a short film about a young blogger who is an alcohol and drug addict, on a particular day he was completing an article on effects of alcohol on his blog while taking alcohol ignorantly. He later left this house on a business offer but got knocked down by a trailer.

Director: Akinwumi Mayowa

Country: Nigeria


Runtime – 9:00- Short film

An undergraduate student of a university begins to hear and see things that are not real due to academic stress.

Director:  Ivan Imoka

Country: Nigeria


Runtime- 5:58- Short film

A Social media influencer falls in love with a stranger she has never met but not all that glitters is Gold

Director: Patrick Oparah

Country: Nigeria


Runtime- 18:06 – Short film

The resilience of urban dwellers living in isolated places in Lagos; the challenges, struggle and hope for a meaningful life.

Director: Cletus Clement

Country: Nigeria


Runtime -10:12- Animation

Z is a short film set in a post-apocalyptic era in Nigeria around the “2050’s” which reveals a developed Nigeria undergoing invasions. The word Z centers around a scientifically project (PROJECT Z) created by a Company called “The Triangle”

Director: Godwin Josiah

Country: Nigeria


Runtime- 7:19 – Documentary

In the spirit of the season we decided to round off 2018 in an unusual way. The social media and various news media have in recent times circulated information of tensions in the northern region of the country, creating a mindset of fear in the hearts of the people; especially those in other regions

Director: Aderemi Davies

Country: Nigeria


Runtime- 12:00 – Short Film

A Guy who believes some part in Nigeria (Calabar) are sex machine, dated a young talented girl from calabar who refused to have sex till marriage.

Director: Nsisong Essien Country:Nigeria


Runtime- 15:57 – Short film

A killer claims his latest victim and settles down to regain his composure. In his quiet moment he enjoys his own company but that peace is broken when his latest victim pays him a visit.

Director: Cheyi Okoaye Country:Nigeria


Runtime – 16:26 – Short Film

A man who prioritize providing for family above well-being finds out through a devastating incident that well-being of the family is important than the food he puts on the table.

Director: Funbi Abolarin, Charles Oduwole

Country: Nigeria


Runtime- 09:57- Short Film

A visit by kinsmen in order to present the list of things needed to fulfil burial rites of Engineer Secondus Chibuzor Joseph soon turns into rancor as mother and child has to battle to find love again…

Director: Oladipo O’Fresh

Country: Nigeria


Runtime- 16:27- Short Film

Broken Grin is a story about a guy and girl, who coincidentally meet at the point where they were trying to take their lives. It centers on depression & suicide with a message of hope how to overcome it.

Director: Morris Sam

Country: Nigeria


Runtime- 17:19- Short Film

A friend who is about to commit suicide learnt that his very close friend who he is sharing his last moment with on Facebook have just few months left to live. His desire took a new turn and he decided to live.

Director: Olayinka Johnson

Country: Nigeria


Runtime- 1:03- Short Film

A music video cover for the OST song Speechless in Alladin the movie

Director – Victory Ajaja – Country: Nigeria


Runtime- 3:14- Short Film

We are comedians we release comedy videos to the world to make people laugh away their sorrow.

Director – Giwa praise silas Country: Nigeria


Runtime- 3:19 – Short film

A couple is set in disarray when a girlfriend of 8 years, discovers that her boyfriend and apparently the father of her 3 aborted babies, was not and has never been capable of getting her pregnant. For shame and shock, she pushes no further in asking her boyfriend to marry her.

Director: Oyewole Oyeniva Popoola

Country: Nigeria.


Runtime- 13:05:00- Short Film

The Journey of a woman on the path of depression towards re-discovering the supreme Love

Director: Oladipo O’Fresh

Country: Nigeria


Runtime- 5:25 – Short Film

A young man whose negative day ends up pushing him into the hands of drugs. But was rescued by the power of friendship.

Director: Ataansuyi Michael Country: Nigeria


Runtime- 4:23

A girl’s faith in her parents hangs in the balance when the directive they gave her leads her to a wrong bus stop on her very first day in a new school.

Director: Peters Clinton

Country: Nigeria


Runtime- 7:15

Clad with the responsibility of saying a few words, Simi relives her life’s experience with her father.

Director: Johnson E. Awolola

Country: Nigeria


Runtime- 12:54- Short Film

A supposed night of bliss soon turned sour, and an intervention would become necessary for Shola to pull this through…

Director: Oladipo O’Fresh Country: Nigeria


Runtime- 6:01- Short Film

After years of human trafficking of women and children under the guise of being a maid allocation agency, QUBI corp gets flagged by the HPA (House help Protection Agency) thus Agent X is commissioned to end their operation.

Director: Onome Egba Country:Nigeria


Runtime- 4:17 – Short Film

Owl city’s Fireflies is one of the great songs with such an indelible mark. Fans and lovers of Owl city have tried to make covers to his songs.

Director: Tosin Toromade

Country: NIGERIA


Runtime- 7:31

Have you ever wandered alone yet not lonely?

Even impossibilities say “I’M POSSIBLE”

Surrounded by the Beauty, Culture, Landscape and the Indian Ocean, Peter Armand Boyo puts creativity to test in this smartphone short film, shot entirely on location in Zanzibar, Addis Ababa, and Aburi, using a Samsung galaxy note

Director: White Adeniyi Johnson

Country: Nigeria


Runtime-11:57- Short Film

CHIDI has just ended his 10-years prison sentence for a crime he claimed to have committed just so he could save the woman he loves from a life of torture and pains. Now 38 and un-established in a world that is alien to him, he sets out to build his own kingdom and bring back his woman to himself to become queen of the kingdom.

Director: Temitope Joshua

Country: Nigeria


Runtime-11:57 – Short Film

CHIDI has just ended his 10-years prison sentence for a crime he claimed to have committed just so he could save the woman he loves from a life of torture and pains. Now 38 and un-established in a world that is alien to him, he sets out to build his own kingdom and bring back his woman to himself to become queen of the kingdom.

Director: Temitope Joshua

Country: Nigeria


Runtime- 2:01 – Short Film

Only togetherness a national can find through happiness.

Director: Pharouk Damilola Country:Nigeria


Runtime- 14:40 – Short Film

A young couple are faced with marital problems as the wife tries to mend bridges but things get out of hands.

Director: Oluwatosin Adedeji Country: Nigeria


Runtime- 01:42:14 – Short Film

An early 20s, youth corper raised by his fish-seller single mother, armed with nothing more than words of wisdom and meditations of prayers from his mother, sets out on his compulsory NYSC program, with big dreams, great potential and a bright outlook for the future!

Director: Imoh Umoren Country:Nigeria


Runtime- 12:57 – Short Film

A young man picks up his newly delivered used car and heads on a first date with a beautiful young lady. The relationship unfolds from the first meeting until the unexpected end; with one constant witness.

Director: Aderogba Arimoro Country:Nigeria


Runtime-15:5 – Short Film

A Short awareness short film on PTSD, about a young man who suffered this disorder due to death of his sister.

Director: Damilola Pharouk

Country: Nigeria


Runtime- 5:21 – Short Film

Susan is a Counselor who is passionate in salvaging intending suicide victims. Due to frustrations she decides to Dice with Death. One of her client retracted and this time the same place, time and manner with Susan’s choice. The rescuer has to be rescued.

Director- Olufemi Abraham

Country: Nigeria


Runtime – 3:36- Short Film

A victim of frequent bullying somehow discovers that he can use his smartphone as a remote to control TIME around him. He decides to test his smartphone’s new feature on a bully at school

Director- Dapo Rotimi

Country: Nigeria


Runtime- 2:00 – Short Film

“Being present sometime lovely, exquisite, perfect. But mostly, none of those things. The great Descartes say “I think, therefore, I am”. Bobo say “I think, there for I am not here, not entirely. I am, wherever my imagination needs me to be.”

Director – Daniel Appleby Country – USA


Runtime- 50:10 – Feature Film

Shot entirely on an IPhone 8plus and filmed in Atlanta, Georgia; witness the thriller film critics are calling “The Best Found Footage Thriller since the Blair Witch Project.” -Sylva Movie Critic

Director-Shreco Bakari Country:USA


Runtime: 5:00 – Short Film

The unknown is frightening. A visit from a stranger, heals one mother’s fears bringing her peace. The journey is hers. The choice. The love. The want.

Director: Lori Saux



Runtime- 17:25 – Short Film

Facing financial pressures, a pastor is doubting if he was truly called to preach and is torn between a decision to keep his church open or shut it down.     

Director – Shaimond Foye Country- USA    


Runtime- 4:44 – Short Film Series

A potentially volatile instructional video, packed with eye opening info., short film documentary that exposes rampant illegal Hollywood producer employee miss-treatment practices. Awarded Best Activism Film in New York City’s Lincoln Center, the Work also suggests lucrative employee recourse action therein.

Director- Phillip E. Walker

Country- USA


Runtime – 5:00 – short film

The Maldives Whale Shark Research Programme carries out marine wildlife research and fosters community focused conservation initiatives. The field team of the MWRSP monitors the demographics and movement of different species such as whale sharks. This is their story.

Director- Sven Dreesbach

Country- USA


Runtime- 8:50 – Short Film

Maya, a hippity dippity artist finds a muse in Rupert so she can finish her paintings. A romance ensues but Rupert’s other flame, Holly, sets a trap for him with Maya’s help.

Director- A.E. Derban

Country- USA


 Runtime – 6:00 – Short Film

When Telma (Lysa Visentini) finds her life thrown out of balance by social media, she learns that the key to restoring balance is to interact with her friends in real life.

Director- Chandre du Preez, DanChen

Country- USA


Runtime- 2:08 – Animation

An aspiring astronaut, Young Judy (8) plays in her room when she hears her baby sister Maria (1) crying. With parents asleep, Judy brings Maria to her room. Suddenly, a large alien, called the Red King, flies across the night sky. Judy sees it and takes Maria outside to inspect it. While standing on the yard, a red beam shoots down from the Red King and pulls Maria up. Judy is unable to stop it and when the alien spaceship takes off, Judy realizes they have taken Maria.

Director- Nathaniel Baker

Country- USA


Runtime – 4:44 – Short Film

OMG. ROTF. LOL. What happens while you’re on your phone?

Director- Walter Forsberg

Country- USA


Runtime- 6:59
A young girl suffers immensely from trying to cope with life following a family breakdown and the facade she creates around her struggles as she seeks connection and acceptance.

Director-Ngumi Wangombe



Runtime- 5:00 – Short Film

Kidnap cases has been on the rise in Nairobi, Kenya. Kim dreads that it might happen to Liz, his longtime friend. Liz is convinced that it can never happen to her, or can it?

Director- Steve Mutero

Country- Kenya


Runtime- 23:00 – Short Film

This is a short documentary on the Kenyan Skateboarding scene and how it’s empowering the youth to step out of cultural norms, and making a home for themselves in an already complicated society.

Director- David Mwangi

Country- Kenya


Runtime – 3:33 – Short Film

A painter travels to Chogoria, Kenya to seek inspiration and paint in a nontraditional way.

Director – David Mwang

Country- Kenya


Runtime- 7:00

My Sister is a story revolving around the life of Maria who is a teenage girl suffering from autism. The only people who understand her are her mother and sister. Her sister Aisha has to constantly defend Maria against bullies and people who don’t understand her condition. Things take a sudden twist when Aisha gets hurt in a road accident and it’s Maria who has to overcome her disability to save her sister.


Country- Kenya


Runtime- 3:55 – Short Film

This is a vlog about making an Omena Sandwitch. Omena is often accompanied with a staple food like Ugali and so the video in its unusualness portrays the unusual world we live in today which most likely makes our ancestors turn in their graves.

Director- Ivan Job

Country- kenya


Cena- still mourning the loss of all her family members and being a victim of Post Election Violence is at the verge of breaking but help arrives in time.

Director- Francis Ouma

Country- Kenya


Runtime- 6:48 – Short Film

Black and white disparities of who betrayed who in a story of a young wife who faces trauma following delusion of her previous abortion haunting her that in turn causes her marriage to end with the husband, the same person who should have been with her through it, abandoning her leaving both parties feeling decieved.

Director: Ngumi Wangombe

Country- Kenya


Runtime- 01:25:00

After serving in The Gulf a British Naval officer embarks on walking the length of Africa to try and overcome the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. En route he meets a group of desert monks who lead him to a special place of healing: The Desert River.

Director- Braam Ackermann

Country- Uk


Runtime -2:25 – Short Film

A painter has to deal with a hostile subject

Director- Enrico Mughett  Country – UK


Runtime-2:57 – Short Film

 A short film by Tracey Moberly and Paul London. It was filmed at CERN, the home of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the world’s most powerful particle accelerator. The LHC can generate the highest energy particle collisions ever achieved by humanity, thus allowing scientists to probe new depths of particle physics – the branch of physics concerning the fundamental particles that constitute matter and radiation.

Director- Tracey Moberly and Paul London

Country- UK


Runtime- 51:00- Documentary

The World’s First Solo Mobile Journalism Made Documentary About Mobile Journalism Across The Globe.

Director- James Mahon

Country- UK


Runtime – 8:35 – Short Film

It’s a story of a man that need to face a modern time issue.

Director- damss McGarcia

Country- UK


Runtime- 15:00 – Short Film

Sarah wakes up in the middle of a wood next to the blood soaked body of a guy she met in a club a few hours earlier, but that is all she can remember. Evidence suggests the man may have tried to attack her, but when she finally manages to piece together her fragmented memory, she discovers the truth is far more chilling.

Director- Derek Boyes

Country- UK


Runtime- 2:27

A young man in conflict with his own multiple personalities and the battle to reach out and start a fresh.

Director- Cassius Rayner

Country- UK


Runtime – 4:10- Short Film

Benched is danced by Glasgow born dancer Jamie Reid, and is filmed within the grounds of the iconic Kelvin grove Park. The piece takes a look at themes of isolation, anxiety and frustration.

Director- Jamiel Laurence Country- UK


Runtime -1:00- Short Film

Little Home narrates the life at the home of a 6 year’s old boy called Sam. He takes us in a ride through his home, the rooms, the corners and his playground after inhabitants have all gone leaving nothing behind but memories.

Director- Reham Emam

Country- Egypt


Runtime- 10:30 – Short Film

A lonely man became enraged after he got robbed by three thugs, and now looking for a way to relief his anger.

Director- Tarek El Sherbeny

Country- Egypt


Runtime- 5:52

When a suburban family faces an eccentric crisis after the death of their parents, two of its members lean to an unprecedented solution which sends them on a catastrophic path leading to more unsolvable problems.

Director- Ahmed Haitham El Assal Country- Egypt


Runtime- 5:00 – Short film

Racism, social stratification, exploitation, child labor, suicide, psychological repression, crime, patriotism and dramatic storytelling.

Director- Mohamed Noaman Country- EGYPT


Runtime- 7:00

The Tales from Yarriambiack Shire web-series, is a collection of smart docs (smart documentaries) showcasing four rural and remote communities from Victoria, Australia. These tales were commissioned by Yarriambiack Shire Council & Tourism with the intention to give small communities a platform and raise awarness. The Shire of Yarriambiack is a local government area of Victoria, Australia, located in the north-western part of the state.

Director- Max Schleser

Country- Australia


Runtime– 6:00

A journey into a meditative state of mind. The coast line should allow you to let your mind drift, stimulated by the colors to provoke a drift into the unconscious mind. The experience works best when laying backwards on a surface to enter the dream chamber.

Director- Max Schleser

Country- Australia


Runtime- 3:00

Dark twist on a well-known fairy tale, about a grandmother eaten by a wolf.

Director- Malwina Wodzicka

Country- Australia


The Tales from Yarriambiack Shire web-series, is a collection of smart docs (smart documentaries) showcasing four rural and remote communities from Victoria, Australia.

Director– Max Schleser 

Country- Australia


Runtime- 6:25

Lelia, a 25-year-old girl in a unisex sports sweatshirt with a barely noticeable make-up and a casual hairstyle, finally meets her peer and an old friend after a long break. Her friend is a blonde girl with a bright appearance and deep neckline.

Director- Sergei Mikushin

Country- Russia


Runtime- 18:4

The sincere wish of a teenager, with the help of a best friend, to wish mom happy birthday live, turns into an irreparable human tragedy and changes the fate of children.

Director – Darya Sviridenko

Country- Russia


Runtime- 01:30:00 – Short Film

Cucumber (Vasya) arrives in St Petersburg in search of his brother, Alec. Picked up by Alec’s girl, Alla, he is carted around the city, encountering different characters, on a day that will affect all their lives.

Director- Inga Vosk

Country- Russia


Runtime- 4:43 – Short Film

A manhunt in an old factory.

Director- Lapierre Benjamin

Country- France


Runtime- 0:59 – Short Film

A group of friends play to the lottery, and they won! What could happen worst after that!

Director – Gazanfer BIRICIK

Country- France


Runtime- 1:36 – Short Film

When fighting cost your life only the word of the others can save you.

Director – Brice VENEZIANO

Country- France


Runtime- 60:00 – Documentary

Shocked and angry at the atrocities perpetrated against African albinos, Cameroon storyteller Leonard I De Sernnjock decided to navigate up the

Nkam river in search of albinos and their history.

Director- Cheikh N’diaye

Country- France


Runtime- 22:37

“People have a right to be entertained! And this not only when they go to the theater or to the cinema, but everywhere and anytime!” This is mobile entertainer Tommy B.’s staunch conviction. And so he strolls the streets of Hanover, Germany, delighting everyone he meets on his way with magic tricks, live music, trivia questions and other stunts.

Director- Guido Tölke


NEW YORK with an iPhone SE

Runtime- 2:32 – Travel Video

Film about New York

Director- Nils Hünerfürst

Country- Germany


Runtime- 1:52 – Short Film

“All it takes is a beautiful fake smile to hide an injured soul”.

In under 2 minutes, “180 km/empty” traces one woman’s journey from a high-achieving smile into the reality of burn-out.

Director-Julia Effertz

Country- Germany


Runtime- 27:30

A forgotten island country in West Africa, hardly ever heard of, in deep need to be given a voice: São Tomé e Príncipe. The Road Trip!

Director – Andreas Rohner

Country- Germany


Runtime- 1:50

It is 2 minutes to midnight

Director- Arshia Zeinali

Country- Germany


 Runtime- 5:00 – Short Film

A boy faces his fear of water by undertaking a treasure quest with his grandpa.

Director- Diana Gil

Country- Germany

Nakua pewerewerekae jawabelia/ Hasta el fin del mundo/ Até o fim do mundo

Runtime- 15:50

Director- Margarita Rodriguez Weweli-Lukana & Juma Gitirana Tapuya Marruá

Country- Colombia


Runtime- 6:18 – Short Film

The wedding couple on the road. She, excited and hysterical, dreams about the married life together forever. He, smiley and absent-minded, maybe does not think the same.

Director- Frank Benitez


Runtime- 25:00 – Short Film

Filmed entirely on an iPhone, Teta, Opi & Me is a poetic, meditative, multilingual, and feeling-driven short film, documenting the intricacies of the artist’s playful process in capturing her grandparents’ enduring romance through social, political and racial adversity.

Director- Tara Hakim

Country- Canada


Runtime- 21:00 – Short Film

Badera is a group of percussionists from Guinea (West Africa). The story unfolds in a stilt building, a refuge where they live and practice their art. In this documentary, we enter their world, and we witness their daily lives and their efforts to achieve a great project.

Director- Catherine Veilleux

Country- Canada


Runtime- 8:04 – Short Film

The lives of two best friends are revealed through cellphone footage when one night they decide to go to a party, and on their travels home, they’re stalked by an unwanted person.

Director- Paula Ner Dormiendo

Country- Canada


Runtime – 8:04 – Short Film

The lives of two best friends are revealed through cellphone footage when one night they decide to go to a party, and on their travels home, they’re stalked by an unwanted person.

Director- Paula Ner Dormiendo

Country- Canada


A boy and a girl find their space (“intersection”) at a house party.

Director- Broken Lens, Cinque Uomini sulla Cassa del Morto

Country- Italy


Runtime- 7:30 – Short Film

The peaceful group of Black Tanks is destroyed by the purple ones. As the only survivor, the black tank of our story begins his long journey in search of a new place to live.

Director- Alberto Basaluzzo

Country- Italy


Runtime- 14:0 – Short Film

During the Soviet period they built 22 sanatoriums in the Georgian city of Tskaltubo. They are still there but abandoned. Try to visit one of them…

Director- Jordi Linares

Country- Spain

6: 24

Runtime -17:41- Short Film

A man with relational difficulties and with some obsessions has a monotonous, routine and repetitive life. One morning, he discovers a woman who is running in front of his house. He observes her every day until she stops appearing. He gets obsessed with her and closes more into himself. Finally, a detail of his day to day shakes him, changing his habits…

Director- Elies Villalonga

Country- Spain


Runtime- 15:27 – Short Film

In the labyrinth of love a game of contradictions takes place: two women fight a duel with their feelings; one is reason and the other is the heart… but the labyrinth proliferates until it culminates in the ritual of disorderly blood and overexcited viscera.

Director- MIguel Angel Barrroso

Country- Spain


Runtime- 2:41

Director- Prakash Gandhi NatarajanCountry- India


Runtime- 01:46:30

After Nye’yindo being attacked and burnt down by the Bwa’kamba a well-known Chief Mukwawa’s army a great and known slave trader, a young girl Sydrat Munta get caught and taken into slavery among other slaves. Sydrat falls in love with a slave master known as Ashinda who was about to marry Chief Mukwawa’s daughter known as Niora. A war of love broke out in the Bwa’kamba kingdom.

Director- Hussein Roylica

Country- Uganda

A Meeting with Childhood

Runtime – 5:06 – Short Film

The film is based on the theme of “education”. Being educated is to contemplate the purpose of education; why we learn and what we learn. “Unfortunately, we have never been taught the purpose of education. All our life, we do rote learning (a highly monotonous task), which is not conceptual learning, and never really care about clearing our concepts.

Director- Shubham Mishra

Country- India


Runtime- 11:00 – Virtual Reality Cinema

An ordinary day, working his ass off at home as always, Moon suddenly hears a loud scream from the hallway. As he slowly puts his ear against the door, a maniac furiously bangs on it, cursing and threatening to kill him.

Director- Moon Hyunsung

Country- Korea


Runtime- 4:30 – Short Film

One day, a woman walks alone in a tourist settlement inside a canyon and starts taking pictures with her instant camera. However, when she checks the first photo she sees something very strange, since her back is actually depicted on the image.

Director- Inchun Oh

Country- Korea

Musashi-Itsukaichi Festival

Runtime-1:45 – Documentary

Short experimental documentary about a matsuri – a festival celebrated at Shinto shrines in Japan.

Director- Tom Sajewski

Country- Poland


Runtime -4:44- Short Film

Ana walks home at night after yoga, on the journey she feels that danger is coming closer.

Director- Marcos Obregón Country- Mexico


Runtime – 5:00 – Short Film

Being a “Remembrance” the most affable and ephemeral, it becomes the narration of an “Absence” that is shared in the daily life of a kitchen with memories, aromas, sounds and flavors of the perennial experiences of the memory of his childhood, the protagonist expresses a loss under the black and white contrast, of the shadows and lights, with elements of a day of work usual space in time.

Director- Jovana Dominguez Country- Mexico


Runtime- 2:43

Director- Hanna Ojala

Country- Finland

Black, Red, White Diaries

Runtime- 9:45

One has hair black as ebony tree, other skin white as snow. Video art piece about Cross-generational experiences, gender, sexuality, black and white. How can Snow Whites rewrite, reinterpret and mess -up the messed up story.

Director- Ninni Korkalo

Country- Finland


Runtime -3:20 – Short film

An upset man hides in the bathroom alone to calm his emotions, and everything in private is covered by a woman.

Director- haidi song

Country- China


Runtime – 7:08 – Short Film

Casted Souls is the latest work of award-winning Burkinabé screenwriter and director PanAfricus. This short film, featuring Wolof poetry offered by Souleymane Diallo, a Senegalese journalist and poet, illustrates the common theme of young love made impossible by an ancient caste tradition, which has jeopardized many relationships and mariages in Senegal and throughout the world.

Director- Panafricus

Country- Senegal


Runtime -3:47 – Short Film

This visual artistic manifestation represents the monotony of daily life, and the confusion between life and existence in a world where it is often difficult to find one’s place, given the endless and often anarchic cycle of the System. Filmed between Dakar, Ouagadougou and Conakry, this Afro-centric piece is a debut for the Burkinabe artist PanAfricus.

Director- Panafricus

Country- Senegal


Runtime- 0:55 – Documentary

Talking with the Planets

Director- Monoartistas

Country- Argentina


Runtime – 17:22 – Short Film

In an urban public toilet . There is a drug addict, who comes here regularly. But today he has a different purpose to come here. The manager of the toilet does not seem to be a very good person or does he? Yes this story is all about a public toilet in Dhaka city.

Director-   Adil Khan

Country- Bangladesh


Runtime- 8:07 – Short Film

Anxious for the Malagasy film industry, he wants to change things…

Through the meetings of the short film (KINO), Rico has the chance to make his first film.

Director-   Kadhaffi MBUYAMBA

Country- Congo


Runtime -10:01- Documentary

An unforgettable night of a legislator and a marijuana dealer entirely captured by an iPhone.

Director- Trevor Choi

Country- Hong Kong


Runtime- 3:10 – Short film

A wizard trying to put a spell on his king’s ring because the king goes to battle and in the mean time the enemy called akarians send someone to kill the wizard.

Director-   Laurentiu Puscasu

Country- Ireland


Runtime- 5:14

A sceptic man finds difficulty dealing with reality and feels defeated and

exhausted by life. One day, a Bodhisattva–Kanzeon Bosatsu–appears in the figure of a woman and preaches the absolute truth of this world by quoting a part of the Heart Sutra. This story is based on a mixture of philosophy, Buddhism and Santería.

Director-   Tokujiro Hamano

Country- Japan


Runtime- 1:00

A couple preparing a love journey.

Director- Amingo THORA

Country- Montenegro


Runtime- 4:00

In a World in which humans destroyed the planet and thereby killing almost all living organisms, the humans that are still left, dicide to create to create an Artifical Intelligence computer to restore the balance on earth. The purpose of the computer is to create a new world.

Director- Bas Jansen

Country- Netherland


Runtime- 10:53

We understand perfectly. This is the Country in which we become. However we want civil rights to be respected, but we continue to express a kind of feeling for the other, seemingly unusual and distant, endemic racism, purging and distant.

Director-  Welket Bungué

Country- Portugal


Runtime- 16:53

A vlogger who publishes absurd and dangerous challenge videos does everything in his power in order to push the boundaries. However, a minor follower who is trying to be like him; is not aware of the limits of danger.

Director-   Umut Kayacan

Country- Turkey


Runtime- 4:37

 Tragicomedia is an experimental VR music video for the Venezuelan band Le’ Cinema, that pretends to show the band in a raw, garage and basic performance way, with a powerful performance with a very dynamic edition.

Director- Vadim Lasca

Country- Zambia


Runtime- 3:20

Traval video

Director- Chris Zahariev

Country- Bulgaria

Hi, How are you?

Run time: 9:44

In the middle of desert with intense sun
A man is down. When He opens his eyes
He realized he is alone with tied. He is trying to get away, but It’s not enough.
The only thing with this guy is the lots of thorny cactus
Who tied up this man? And what do they want? What should this man do?
How does he doing survive from this hardships?
It’s the story of human beings.

Director- Howon Kim

Country- Korea, Republic of

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