Independent film has already been changed forever by the digital revolution. But if the distribution is now in the hands of the filmmaker, WHAT USE ARE FILM FESTIVALS?

In the past, a film festival existed to enable film lovers to watch films. This function is almost redundant in the age of digital streaming. However digital film has brought with but a new challenge for film, with so much new content being created, how do you find the best?

At African smartphone international film festival, we believe the cinema event is still vital for maintaining the health of cinema as an art form.

That’s why we watch hundreds of films and select those we feel have achieved incredible things with minimal resources. But that’s not all. we also help to use the camera in their pocket to tell powerful stories both still and moving images.


Simply to encourage talent to explore the new innovative way of storytelling and lift up those filmmakers without access to big budgets and show their stories to the world.