Ali Brathwaite, Arlene Brathwaite | United States | 23:10 | Short Film

Status: Official Selection

Life didn’t start easy for Brooklyn native Shyronn Jones. An HIV diagnosis at the age of 22 causes even more difficulties. In an attempt to break free from the grasp of interpersonal and structural violence before her life spirals out of control, she embraces essential friendships and human rights advocates to break the cycle of abuse and transform her experiences of trauma into a legacy that will improve the lives of vulnerable populations.

Director Biography – Ali Brathwaite, Arlene Brathwaite

Award-Winning Filmmakers & Best-Selling Author’s Ali and Arlene Brathwaite are the proud owners of Brathwaite Publishing. A company which was started in 2004. The beginning of their success was with Youngin’, a book which was written by Arlene and edited by Ali.

Since then, they have continued success with eight more books, Ol’Timer, Paper Trail, In The Cut, Darkest Before Dawn, Soul Dancing, Casualties of War, Cold Blooded and How to Make Your Relationship Last.

In addition to publishing novels, Ali and Arlene went on to create a film division for Brathwaite Publishing. Under their film division they made two feature films, Darkest Before Dawn and Dirty Little Secrets. In addition, they’ve made several short films that can be viewed on their YouTube channel (Brathwaite Publishing TV).

Ali and Arlene have worked with noted personalities such as; Judge Mathis, Dr. Jeff Gardere, Malik Yoba, Anthony Hamilton, Rhyme Fest, Angie Stone, Anthony David, and Chad Coleman. (The Walking Dead)