Jonathan Jurilla | Philippines | 10:49 | Short Film

Status: Official Selection

Luisa is left alone in the house during the covid-19 quarantine. Her husband leaves her and her mom blames her for her husband’s decision. With no one to rely on during this trying time, Luisa has to trust herself to face a horrible adversary.

Director Biography – Jonathan Jurilla

Jonathan Jurilla started doing animation shorts in 2006 using open-source software. His animation shorts gave him some opportunities to be featured in the animation festivals in his country, and he got one jury citation award for his short, Samtang Blog ang Bulan.
The time-consuming demands of 3D animation and the lack of collaborators led him to focus on his full-time job as a university professor at the University of the Philippines.
In 2016, he decided to join a short film festival and his short film, Isla, got him another jury citation at the Cinekasimanwa, the Western Visayas Film Festival.
He made his first full-length film, Mariit in 2019.