Nimish Tanna | New Zealand | 9:52 | Short Film

An ignorant and arrogant Vlogger has just returned from overseas and is forced into quarantine at a managed isolation hotel in the heart of Auckland.

When his worried wife informs him about a man found dead in the same hotel the previous day, he boldly dismisses her concerns about ghosts and ends up in the same room. A series of inexplicable experiences follow but he defends them all with logical explanations. Eventually, the looming spirit ends up possessing him that begins deteriorating his health.
Now fully consumed by fear, his stubbornness begins to wither away but the spirit does not cease to impound. When he finally decides to confront this spirit, his body is found dead lying at the bathroom door the next day.

An SMS on his phone confirms his Covid-19 test results to be positive, confirming the only inhuman thing in the room was the virus itself.

Director Biography – Nimish Tanna

Nimish is a screenwriter and a published author whose first feature length script – ‘Meiktila’ was shortlisted in Top 20 of Cinestaan’s national screenwriting contest.
Since the writing bug bit him in 2012, he has managed to publish 2 fiction novels and develop 6 scripts encompassing feature length as well as Series.
An ex-Gentleman Cadet at the Indian Military Academy, Nimish is an engineer and an MBA by qualification. With over 10 years of experience in Sales, Client relationships, and Key accounts management across various industries like Media, Digital advertising, Telecom, Experiential learning and Logistics; amongst his inner circle he is known as the Jack of all trades.
A millennial born in Goa but brought up in Mumbai and with no connections in the film industry, Nimish is your quintessential outsider with big dreams to write meaningful and successful cinema.
Currently, he is happily married (who isn’t, right?) and settled in Auckland where he lives with his beautiful wife.