Laura Ilinca | United Kingdom | 01:01:57 | Feature Film

It’s been a long lockdown for everyone, and everyone’s life has been affected. A group of friends from Hertford, Hertfordshire, UK is struggling with the disappearance of their friend, Henry Jekyll and the appearance of a strange, unknown man named Edward Hyde in their life.
Adapted by Laura Ilinca for lockdown time from the original novel. The amazing cast: Harry Harding, Amy Vince, Darren Barsby, Patrick Sunners, Alex Brace, Josie Melton, Charlotte Hepworth-Bell. Filming: all of the above + Laura Ilinca. Editing: Richard Martin. Creative team: Jan Palmer Sayer, Derek Palmer, Theo Berkhout + many others who have done bits and pieces. Directed by Laura Ilinca.

Director Biography – Laura Ilinca

UK based writer and director Laura Ilinca is known for her previous work in theatre and film and for adapting other major literary works for the stage primarily.