Marcelo Lagreze | Chile | 5:14 | Short Film

Status: Official Selection

Chile woke up on October 18th, 2019.
The streets are flooded with people demanding to be heard, the main demand is “until dignity becomes a habit.”
While some people demonstrate peacefully, others: “the first line”, confronts the police to guarantee the safety of the protesters.
All this is represented in a metaphorical and poetic way through the voice of the reading of Eduardo Galeano’s poetry “the right of delirious”.

Director Biography – Marcelo Lagreze

Director, editor and Photographer. Born in Cordoba, Argentina 1978.
His childhood took place in Patagonia (Comodoro Rivadavia), his university training was developed in Córdoba, where he studied Cinema and Television. Since then, he has create fiction and animation short films as well as documentaries. Without ever forgetting his passion for photography.
He had an artistic break of thirteen years in which he dedicates himself to working in national and international advertising in Santiago, Chile, where he lives now.
The recent social outbreak in Chile revives his desire to create an audiovisual work: “Utopia of the outraged”.
His ability to view the final editing when filming, is remarkable. In this way he captures pieces that help to create a fluid narrative, this makes easier the post production work.