Directed by Itayi Chitauro Junior | Country of Origin: Zimbabwe | Runtime: 8:18 |

Aspirer is an experimental student short film that celebrates the endless possibilities of liberal feminism’s impact in African communities.

The hand represents the friend, the sister, the aspirer ; a leader of the feminist movement. The sand represents the African communities, loose, at odds with not just each other but women too! The mud represents the communities in a healing, relearning stage as they hold onto each other. The garden being watered represents the now fully transformed African society, brimming with a socially, religiously and mentally healthy way of living… Leaving a rich legacy for generations to come.

Director Biography – Itayi Chitauro Junior

Itayi Chitauro Junior is an unrepped emerging screenwriter-director who will graduate from CineArts University in the fall with a diploma in Filmmaking.

He comes from a little mining town of Kwekwe, in the heart of Zimbabwe. He is also the ONLY person who will insist it’s a town instead of a city simply because it doesn’t have a zoo.

Born and raised by a God-fearing mother of Scottish-Zimbabwean ancestry and a hard-working father of Zambian-Zimbabwean descent, he is obsessed with how one’s background helps an individual explore the meaning of one’s purpose in life. As someone who is figuring out how to grow, his writing, tends to combine “cultural background” and the questions : “how do I grow up?” and “is it even possible?” and “how do I conquer my fears?” and “do they ever go away, forever?”

He is one of those 1990’s Zimbabwean black kids who got a nickname due to their inability to pronounce a single English word. His sin was mispronouncing ‘junior’ as ‘ju-mbi-ya’… To this day, there is an aunt and a couple of cousins who still call or text him just to remind him about his true ‘name.

He is known to occasionally claim that DENVER, THE LAST DINOSAUR; is the best tv show, animated or live action, ever created.

Besides writing and directing films, he has made it one of his life’s missions to find out why people put salt on avocados.