Directed by Leakey Muiruri | Country of Origin: Kenya | Runtime: 43:20 | Short Film

Diva is a young elegant Egerton university student who is a model and a member of the Multigift crew. She has a twin brother, Kenga, who works as a drug peddler for a school politician by the name Bill Clinton. Bill happens to be vying for school presidency against Xavier Zeke, Diva`s boyfriend. Kenga gets arrested on their birthday but they do not usually celebrate it on that day in honor of their mother who died after developing complications just immediately after giving birth to the twins. They are customed to visit their mother`s graveyard annually a day after their birthday. After the memorial, Diva realizes that Zeke was involved in the arrest of Kenga what made Kenga not attend the memorial ceremony. She tries to confront Zeke but she ends up being beaten up. She vows to make a step that will make Zeke come back to her on his knees.