Directed by
Mark Petrasso

Country of Origin


Category: Short Film

Through the eyes of an unusual witness we get to see what happens in the house of the main characters, thus showing us what normally no one would have seen.

Director Biography – Mark Petrasso

Mark Petrasso was born in Newcastle, Australia, in 1970. He grew up there with his family of Italian origins. He moved to Florence, Italy, where he attended the School of Cinema run by the nationally-renowned film director Giuseppe Ferlito. At the school he studied film editing. From that moment on he has written and directed several short films that have been screened and have received awards nationally and internationally.
Short films worthy of note are:

-Ogni Tre Giorni (2022) – 8th I Corti dei Fabbri 2022, Trieste – Italy, 3rd Live Screenings Film Festival 2022 , Tbilisi – Georgia, (WINNER Best Social Drama Award), 7ème International du Film Independant SMR13 – France, MikroFAF, Belgrade – Serbia, 13th Festival international du court DIVIPASSION, Athis-Mons – France, Smallmovie Festival, Pisa – Italy, Near Nazareth Festival – Israel, Mediterranean Film Festival Cannes 2022, Alicante Smartphone Film Festival 2022 (WINNER Best International Short Film), Ficmarc – 8th Caribbean Sea International Film Festival 2023, Venezuela (WINNER Best Experimental Short Film), Oned International Film Festival – France, Boden Film Festival 2023, Sweden (WINNER Best Experimental Short Film), Premio Nazionale del Cinema Indipendente 2023 – Italy, 20th Festival de Cine de Alicante – Spain;

-Il Terzo Atto (2020) – 7th Firenze Filmcorti Festival 2020 official selection – Italy, Mediterraneo Festival Corto – X edizione 2020 official selection – Italy, 13th Palena Film Festival 2020 official selection– Italy, Varese International Film festival 2020 official selection – Italy, Social Film festival Artelesia in Benevento official selection – Italy, Rieti e Sabina Film Festival official selection – Italy, Orange Shorts Festival official selection – Argentina and many other selections;

  • Tabula Rasa (2017) – LA Film Awards official selection 2018 (winner – Best Mystery Film award) – USA, WICA New York 2022 (winner – Best Thriller Award), Oniros Film Awards 2018 official selection (nomination – Best Idea award) – Italy, MedFF – Mediterranean Film Festival official selection – Italy, San Benedetto Film Festival 2018 (semi-finalist) – Italy, Palena Film Festival 2018 (semi-finalist) – Italy, Sciacca Film Festival 2018 official selection – Italy, Foggia Film Festival 2018 official selection – Italy, Colortape International Film Festival official selection – Australia, Trofeo La Lanterna 2019 official selection, Genova – Italy, Festival de Cine La Cruz e il Mar 2019 official selection – Venezuela, 9th Pune Short Film festival 2019 official selection – India, Rome Independent Prisma Awards official selection – Italy, Buenos Aires International Film Festival 2019 official selection (winner – Best Screenplay award) – Argentina, Riu Rau Film Festival 2019 – Spain, Florence Film Awards official selection 2019 – Italy, Concepciòn Independent Film Awards 2019 – Chile, 37th Valdarno Cinema Film Festival 2019 – Italy, Veracruz Short Film Festival 2019 – Mexico, FICLAPAZ – Festival Internacional de Cine de La Paz 2019 – Bolivia, The 5th Atlantic International Film Festival 2019 – Colombia, Festival Internacional de Cine de Almirante Brown 2019 (FICAB) – Argentina, 6th GOA Short Film Festival – India and other selections;
  • Picasso (2014) also known as il Palo – selected at Valdarno Cinema Fedic 2015 (Italy), Salento Finibus Terrae 2015 (Italy) , Shortini Film Festival 2015 (Italy) , Polla in Corto 2015 (Italy- winner of the best screenplay award), Villammare Film Festival 2015 (Italy), Foggia Film Festival 2015 (Italy), Corto Corrente 2015 (Italy), al MikroFAF 2015 (Serbia), al Pistoia Film Festival 2016 (Italy);
  • Gold (2013) selected at the Valdarno Cinema Fedic 2013 (Italy) and Foggia Film Festival 2014;
  • The Big Zoo (2013) selected at Videominuto Film Festival in Prato (Italy);
  • Solo Parole (2012) selected at Videominuto Film Festival in Prato (Italy);
  • Girotondo (2009).

In 2014 he received a writing award (bronze medal), at Premio Firenze XXXII, for one of his short stories, The Brown Family.

In 2019 he was also among the finalists of Firenze Film Corti Festival (Italy) and Inventa un Film (Italy) in the screenplay sections with one of his scripts called “Supermarket Love Story”.

He lives and works as an English teacher in Florence, Italy.