Directed by Laura Felices | Country of Origin: Spain | Runtime: 5:47 | Short film

Out in wild, ficticious El Manco Arizona, the just are brought to prison whereas the undeserving just got out. Such is the case of an outlaw looking out for a shot at easy money. A lucky shot?

Filmed in the summer of 2022 by the Tabernas desert (Oasys MiniHollywood, Almeria, SE Spain). The bank is the same one featured in For a A Few Dollars More, as well as iconic Yellowrose Saloon (where Clint Eastwood dispatches the Mexicans in The Good The Bad and the Ugly) and the Sheriff’s office.

Director Biography – Laura Felices

This is Laura Felices’ first directed project. Assisted on set by award-winning cinematographer and western period expert, Manuel Olaya. Also assisted by Javier Arnal with location coordination and the park staff (extras, wardrobe, stunt work…).