Directed by
SJ van Breda

Country of Origin
South Africa


A visual poem of the process of abstract artist Sarah Grace. This short documentary delves into the seasons of Sarah’s life, how she came to be an artist, and how she found her inspiration in the wild landscapes of South Africa.

Sarah Grace’s work aims to bridge the gap between our synthetic lives and the mysteries of the natural world, to find a harmony with nature in our modern lives. This short poetic documentary attempts to be a bridge between the artist and the viewers of her work.

Freeflow will be screened at the opening of Sarah Grace’s solo exhibition at the Candice Berman Gallery, Johannesburg South Africa in March 2023.

Director Biography – SJ van Breda

SJ van Breda was born and raised in Durban, South Africa. She graduated as a mechanical engineer from the University of Cape Town, and worked in the aerospace research field for two years, before pursuing film at Vancouver Film School. She graduated with honours with specialisations in directing, post-production, and cinematography.

SJ is currently a freelance director and editor in South Africa. She is focusing on engaging video content in conjunction with NGOs such as WWF, UNFPA, UNICEF, FairTrade Africa, The Atlantic Institute’s Atlantic Fellows Programme, and The Kingsley Holgate Foundation. She also served as an instructor and jury member for the inaugural MMOCA Film Festival in Cape Town in 2020. SJ’s editorial clients include The Beautiful News by Ginkgo Agency, Aimer Films, Storyhive Canada, Pantone X Intimina and ScreamFest 2020. SJ also works with Blackbird Film Festival and OXIFF as a festival selection judge.
SJ has screened films at Whistler Film Festival, Oxford International Film Festival, Chilliwack Independent Film Festival, SA Indie Festival, and has filmed two shorts in Italy for the Pigneto and CICI Film Festivals. She was also placed in the top 10 of the Nespresso Talents 2018 and 2020, was selected as a Top Talent for the Adobe Design Achievement awards. SJ was a speaker on mobile filmmaking at the FilmicPro creator summit 2020, and has most recently worked with Ginkgo Agency on editing The Beautiful News SA and Australia.

SJ most recently won the mini documentary prize at the Moment Invitational Film Fest 2021, the documentary prize at SMart: The London International Smartphone Film Fest 2021, and the documentary category of Filmic Fest 2019. SJ has been selected as a finalist at SF3 2021 and her short doc Jane Digby is an official selection at the Oxford International Film Festival 2021.