Picture by Andrea Gluckman

Country of Origin
United States

Category: Photo

I took this as part of a faceless portrait series I am creating. This is my teenage daughter on a walk in the woods. In talking about her experience growing up as a young woman in the age of the internet and pandemic, she has spoken of feeling faceless in the midst of social upheaval and modern society. Sometimes she prefers the feeling of being faceless to that of being seen and exposed.

Andrea Gluckman Biography

Andrea Anderson Gluckman combines the three tracks of academics, social justice, and photography in her research and art. Schooled as an expert on policy, culture, education, and religions of the Middle East, she worked as a diplomatic advisor, professor, researcher, and writer at Harvard University, the University of the Middle East, and the University of Rochester. Her research specialties include the project of justice after mass violence, through which she uses photography and the documenting of oral histories for education and evidential purposes in South Africa, Rwanda, and the Middle East. In addition to teaching classes on foreign policy, religion, and restorative justice, she is now working on documenting racial violence and land theft in the south, specifically in her native Arkansas. She will be the Elaine Museum and Richard Wright Civil Rights Center Artist-in-Residence beginning in January 2022. Andrea is an international award-winning photographer and writer who uses her platforms of academics, activism, and art to witness and leverage the stories of communities devastated by mass violence through the power and function of art. Her work has been recognized by and exhibited in Photographer’s Forum, World Organization of Photography Awards, the International Photography Awards, the International Portrait Film Festival, the Chania International Photo Festival, Blank Wall Gallery, The Motif Collective, Black Box Gallery, Camelback Gallery, Praxis Gallery, and Image City Gallery.