Directed by
Kamal Mimoune TAHTAH

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Category: Short Film

At the first light of dawn, Demba and Awa flee with their son Adama through a dense forest towards the north. Their goal is to cross the border to offer a better future for their child…

Director Biography – Kamal Mimoune TAHTAH

Born in 1983 in the Paris suburbs, Kamal is a Franco-Moroccan filmmaker with over 20 years of experience in the audiovisual field.

The youngest of a family of six children, Kamal creates his own universe by observing his older siblings’ passions. Then, at the age of 9, he is introduced to art and cinema during his primary school years at Champfleury School in Carrières-sous-Poissy by his teacher Thierry Michalovicz.

This passionate teacher exposes him to classical music and later to video by bringing a camera to the school and conducting film analyses on movies with CGI, such as ‘The Mask’ and ‘Terminator.’

Kamal develops musicality and a sense of rhythm early on by playing the piano with both hands by ear. He immerses himself in popular films that resonate with him, analyzing and memorizing them.

In middle school, he pursues a dedicated academic path, excelling particularly in visual arts and music.

In 2000, he earns his Scientific Baccalaureate, setting the stage for further studies in audiovisual technology.

In 2001, he passes the entrance exam for the International Institute of Image (3IS), a young private school sponsored by Louis Lumière. Kamal undergoes a two-year multidisciplinary training program in the film industry, drawing inspiration from his instructors who share their passion and work methodologies. He learns storytelling and the art of editing with Patricia Manuguerra, Chief Editor at TF1, and screenplay writing with Patrick Rebeaud.

He directs his first documentary about the journey of an undocumented young Armenian, titled ‘L’oiseau de passage’ (The Passing Bird). In 2002, he creates a documentary called ‘Naroc EL,’ addressing the misinterpretation of Islam in the West and the associated prejudices.

Throughout 2003 and beyond, he rapidly gains experience through various internships. After six months of internships, he becomes sought after as a freelance professional by agencies. Following discussions with some of his instructors, he decides not to return to school and embarks on his freelance career full-time.

His encounters expand his network and significantly enhance his professional expertise. Alain Doyen and Fabrice Audouin guide him in post-production management within the IRIS Group, while Sébastien Troquier assists with trailer editing for Disney Channel and Jetix. Pascal Legeay teaches him professionalism and communication skills.

Kamal’s expertise lies in editing and special effects, skills he hones over the years. His acute attention to detail and professional abilities, combined with his self-taught musical background, enable him to collaborate with industry giants such as Vinci, Louis Vuitton, Nestlé, Jaeger-LeCoultre, and Renault.

He is also committed to promoting causes like the ‘League Against Cancer’ and the ‘Order of Malta France’ through TV commercials, as well as foundations like ‘Aide et Action’ with the ‘Education for Women Now’ movement.

Kamal’s distinguishing features include boundless creativity and unwavering dedication to excellence. He excels in weaving captivating narratives and evoking powerful emotions in his work.

He forges friendships with producers and directors like Steve Moreau and Rachid Djaidani, who provide invaluable filmmaking advice.

Kamal’s work is a testament to his passion. He co-directs two short films, ‘El trencito’ with his alter ego Yohan Fish and ‘Free’ with Clement Arenou and Steve Pitocco. His films are not just innovative and original but also timeless and relevant. Whether he’s telling a story, evoking emotions, or bringing a project to life, Kamal’s work showcases the power of art.

In 2018, he establishes Butchprod, specializing in motion design. Concurrently, he founds Kassidyprod, a post-production studio located in the spiritual city of Fes, Morocco. He assembles a team of talented editors and graphic designers. In 2022, he launches Kassidy Studio to provide a space for young content creators and to train emerging talents in cinematography and special effects.

In 2023, he directs his first short film ‘Human Migrant,’ selected by the Mobile Film Festival of Africa. He brings this project to life with the help of his teams.

Through his outstanding creations, Kamal inspires budding filmmakers and artists worldwide. He is a true visionary whose work will continue to captivate and inspire audiences for generations.