Directed by
Hamdy Hussein Wahba


An Egyptian Young Man in his late twenties is asked What’s up? by his friend on a phone call, he begins to tell him about his suffering and his inability to have sex due to the poor economic situation in Egypt, and therefore he dreams of meeting the president to help him.

Director Biography – Hamdy Hussein Wahba

Hamdy Wahba is an ambitious filmmaker based in Alexandria, Egypt.
Hamdy works as a Producer, writer, D.O.P, and editor. He also likes telling stories as a
Live Concert visuals designer.
Hamdy studied filmmaking at Jesuit Film School in Alexandria in 2021/2022, he worked on
Some Films as school projects, and He also attended Filmmaking camps and different Filmmaking workshops.
Hamdy also studied acting at Alexandria Theater School in 2017, then in 2018 he worked
As an assistant to the acting coach especially “The Method Acting”, that’s why he is in Love
And has quite pretty good experiences with Character driven films.

  • He worked as:
  • A D.O.P in the film “Object”, Directed by Kareem Nada.
  • A D.O.P, editor, and director in the documentary film “I Asked Ayat”
  • A second assistant to the director in the Film “Bahary El-Seka”, Directed by Martin Elia.
  • An editor in the film “A Dress”, Directed by “Shrouk Ali”.
  • A director and scriptwriter in the film “Ramy…?!”.
  • A Co-Director in the film “A Second Chance”, Produced by MADIV.
  • A producer in ” About Things, I Don’t Know”, Directed by Karim Nada
  • A producer in ” The Escaping to Berlin “, Directed by Salma El Hossary
  • A First AD in the film ” A White Shadow “, Directed by Toka Saad
  • A D.O.P, editor, and director in the documentary film “I’m Tired, Boss”
  • A second AD in the film ” The birds had to be released “, Directed by Martin Elia