Directed by
Hemanta Sadeeq

Country of Origin

Someone is looking for an ambulance, someone is searching for medicine like crazy, yet someone is using an ambulance for their own purpose. When Tonu, a mid-aged woman is fighting to survive inside an ambulance, right then a young boy is running at midnight at the city and trying his best to get medicine. The whole system teaches us to sacrifice at all levels, which makes our life a low-budget short film, where we dream a lot and can execute very little!

Director Biography – Hemanta Sadeeq

Hemanta Sadeeq is a filmmaker and film society activist based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He first gained international recognition with his short film, A Letter to God (2017), which premiered at the 58th Asia Pacific Film Festival (APFF 58). In 2022, Hemanta directed and produced a short film titled SHOLTE; The Lamp Wick, which portrays the Covid situation in rural Bangladesh. The film premiered at the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia. His most recent work, KHOWAB, Castle in the Air, was recognized as a Film Bazaar Recommends (FBR) short film.
Hemanta is currently working on his debut feature film, RIGON: tale of a Father, a Bangladesh-Italy co-production. He studied Theater and Performance Studies at the University of Dhaka. This Bangladeshi filmmaker dreams of framing his ideas and thoughts throughout his life.