Directed by
Leopold Hubert Hoekstra

Country of Origin
South Africa


Lost in the Darkness takes audiences on an emotional journey as a teenager confronts a devastating diagnosis of depression, plunging him into a tumultuous world of shattered perceptions.

Struggling to find his way back to reality, he relies on his unwavering parents, whose unwavering faith is tested repeatedly.

In a tale infused with hope, faith, and unyielding determination, Lost in the Darkness captures the power of resilience in the face of overwhelming challenges.

Director Biography – Leopold Hubert Hoekstra

Born in 1997, Leo Hoekstra discovered his passion for filmmaking during his early years. Even as a youngster, he dedicated his free time to honing his skills in video editing.

As he matured, Leo’s love for both filmmaking and writing flourished. It was during his time at Nelson Mandela University in Port Elizabeth that he delved into the profound essence of cinema, recognizing it as a form of art.

Inspired by this newfound perspective, Leo embarked on a creative journey, writing and directing films that seamlessly blend entertainment with profound significance.

His primary goal is to craft narratives that carry meaningful lessons, empowering viewers to apply these insights to their own lives. Leo’s dedication lies in delivering stories that resonate deeply and leaves a lasting impact.