Directed by Oliver North | Country of Origin: South Africa | Runtime: 5:25 | Short film

The story of MIER accounts two days in the life of Oupa, a San hunter/gatherer who lives alone in the desert. Over the course of the story, the greater world of this character is revealed and we find out that he is hunting on this land illegally. The film ends on a climax. Oupa witnesses a UAV falling out of the site and when he goes to investigate the crash site when Oupa is confronted by two Private Military Contractor who patrols the area and blend in by pretending to be hikers.

Director Biography – Oliver North

South African screenwriter Oliver North’s last short is a proof-of-concept feature trailer for MIER about the Khoisan people’s struggle for the Kalahari and its resources. The project started in early 2019 and successfully completed in June 2020 funded by the National Film and Video Foundation.
His previous short “MS ME” is a powerful short film which premiered at Lift Off Film Festival 2020 about a depressed young man who joins members of his poor community in a search for a missing girl, and in the process discovers what’s missing in his relationship and in his life.