Abel Mekasha | Ethiopia | 4:18 | Short Film

It is about a person existing in different places at the same time. But unable to comprehend that reality.

Director Biography –¬†Abel Mekasha

Abel Mekasha Abera is born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. From a father Mekasha Abera,
From a mother Serkalem Hailu. He finished high school at cruise school. He was educated in a small film school in addis ababa called tom videography and photography school. After quiting the film school, he joined an advertising company named Yedon films as an intern. Wrote scripts for some tv commercials, After taking his time. He made his first short movie titled Omnipresent. It was an experimental short film. After making omnipresent, He started doing weddings, Events, birthday photographies. After some time he was hired on a tv serial drama for 2 episodes to edit the show. The show was titled Tireta(Heartbeat). He made 1 episode and left for personal reason.
He made his first music video. Friat ft kalay sound Hiwote, After that he made 2 other music videos. He then joined a media company called Rala media as a temporary full time senior videographer. he left the company because of a disagreement on how things should be done. After that he became a freelance videographer. worked with different companies.
And now he is making a feature film titled SUPERNO. Which is a sequel to Omnipresent the short.