Hannes Wesendonk | Germany | 01:11:00 | Feature Film

Status: Official Selection

The eccentric poet Marco (Martin Schüler) gathers an unlikely neo-bohemia of painters, writers, musicians and action artists around himself. In a bizarre theatrical act, they found the titular The Berlin Art Society. The second film by Berlin underground director Hannes Wesendonk, who works mostly with indie musicians from Berlin, is a spectacle of terse dialogue, poker faces and intelligent excess.

Director Biography – Hannes Wesendonk

Hannes Wesendonk (*late 20th century) became known to a wider public as the singer of the Berlin ArtPop band U3000. His feature film debut U3000 – Death of an Indie Band received favourable reviews in the music press in 2018 and was screened throughout Germany without distribution. With Erster Berliner Kunstverein e. V., the self-taught director appropriates the film language of the
60s Nouvelle Vague.