Jason D Greene | United States | 16:42 | Documentary

Status: Official Selection

A tour of American Civil War sites that is more music video than documentary.

Director Biography –¬†Jason D Greene

Hello and thank you for your interest,
I’ve been slowly getting to what I had begun to pursue in college. I studied filmmaking at a Junior College in Sacramento, CA and ended up getting an Associates Degree in Fine Art (whatever that is worth). Not satisfied with working as a waiter I got into the trades, and somehow found myself working on large commercial ships. I work in the engine department as an electrician and as of only recently, Assistant Engineer. I’d like to say my art has taken me all around the world, but life took an unexpected turn and now I can say I’ve sailed (literally) around the world in hopes of someday pursuing my art. Having only recently discovered that I could in fact create a video project entirely from my not-so-latest-and-greatest phone, I’m excited to finally begin this artistic journey.