Siviwe Honobroke Mashiyi | South Africa | 9:37 | Short Film

Status: Official Selection

A lady that sees her soulmate in a dream, he also see her but he ignores has vision of her, goes on with has life, now they meet by chance when she is passed on the road, he is told about the vision and then now he is tone because he is in a relationship and a couple that tells their own love story.

Director Biography –¬†Siviwe Honobroke Mashiyi

Siviwe Honobroke Mashiyi.

My Journey really started when, I was a young kid, drawing cars from magazines, tracing them on paper, now, I design, my own original cars, then I copied animated characters from TVs trying to draw them from memory, it was all 2D, then as time went by, then 3D, now I draw my own original animated characters, then years passed, after high school I took a year off, that is when I started, I have been writing ever since, I have never stopped or slowed down, as I now have over 25 screenplays and over 10 TV concepts/ TV series.