Jennifer Piper | Australia | 1:00 | Short

Why is it so much harder to have fun as we get older? How much effort does it take to pick up the skates that’ve been sitting in the corner of the room for years? Is it even worth trying?

Approaching 40 and isolated in lockdown, a filmmaker from Melbourne picks up the roller skates they’ve dreamed of trying for more than a decade.

A love letter to middle-age, trying new things, and having fun.

Director Biography – Jennifer Piper

Jennifer ‘JP’ Piper is a multidisciplinary storyteller who loves messing with the boundaries of the art form. In 2019, JP created ‘The Representation Hour’ for Triple Bi-Pass on JOYFM Melbourne, exploring queer representation in pop culture. Her stageplays A Scandal in the Weimar and That Time Everything Went Well And We Were Totally Fine are published via Australian Plays and her short films, Facing the Future, At Home with Anne Zieté, skate. and Breakfast Tea – all created in isolation during Melbourne lockdown – have enjoyed official selection at various film festivals. This year, JP’s academic writing will feature in a new text, Queering the Vampire Narrative, published by Brill | Sense.