Sachiko Mitsuhashi | Japan | 1:28 | Shorts

You can’t stop smiling when you see Elfy’s Story.
‘Smile Evangelist’ is one of his episode series.
Elfy has special honey that makes everyone happy.
Smiles are contagious.
Let’s blow away the coronavirus with your happy face!
All the embroidered pieces on the film were delicately hand-made.
Elfy is entrusted with the hope for happiness.
He is always with you.

*’PAU’ on the last shot means ‘END’ in Hawaiian.

Director Biography –¬†Sachiko Mitsuhashi

Embroidery & Animation Artist based in Tokyo.
When I lived in NY, I ran into punch needle embroidery.
I was fascinated by its warm feeling .
After I have embroidered more than 100 pieces,
I started making animations with my embroidered works.
Elfy’s Story is the first series of my stop motion animation works.