Stefanie Wermeling, Romano | Germany | 3:56 | Short Film

Status: Official Selection

In “Ticks” (German for “quirk” and “tic”), Berlin rapper Romano deals with compulsive acts and obsessive thoughts of our daily life. From reflecting his own “Ticks” like sorting pens by colour or taking pictures of the turned-off stove, up to illustrating and questioning social anxieties as the fear of 5G radiation, hoarding toilet paper and building your own nuclear bunker. 2020’s covid-pandemic brought those fears to a higher level for some – not only preppers. In our first music video filmed with a smartphone – and the first we ever directed – we tried to capture this Zeitgeist and connect it to the visuals of the 90’s Jungle sound that come along with the beat, produced by Siriusmo.

Directed by Stefanie Wermeling & Romano
Director of Photography Stoney Maccaroni
Edited by Florian Dassler
VFX by Vincenz
Music by Moritz Friedrich
Mixed & mastered by Jan Driver
Love to Frost, Lars Lavendel, Malik + „Er“
Hightek Crew 2020