Directed by Brian Lord Muga | Country of Origin: Kenya | Runtime: 7:00 | Short film

EUPHY (26), an agriculturalist and environment conservationist residing in Manyatta, Kisumu has lived with the trauma and guilt of losing her 8-month-old baby brother during a drought period when she was five years old. During this time the rainfall drastically reduced and affecting the whole country and in turn affecting her slum home.

Dan’s demise drives her into her career and the love for trees and nature. She starts a sanctuary of her own to prevent the events that snatched her baby brother from her, she calls it, “Its not yet Dan”. He champions to tell the world, its not yet done and the environment should be conserved every day.
Euphy story tells a story being once bitten and how we should be twice shy, she has seen the grey side of nature and what we lose when we don’t conserve. Drought and environmental degradation is one of the world greatest disaster causing significant changes in our daily lives, from disease to hunger and its upon us to mitigate it.

Director Biography – Brian Lord Muga

I am a 22 year old Kenyan Citizen based in the lake side city of Kisumu and i believe i am the most articulate filmmaker of my time. Currently a student of Agricultural Education and Extension with IT at at Maseno University.

To top it up is my undying love for film making. ‘Saving Mother Earth’ marks the second in my Filmography shorts. When i make my films i listen, i listen to my stories because they come from me and i have to listen to me before anyone else can be able to.