Koby Cole | Ghana | 3:53 | Short Film

Status: Official Selection

A visual poem of romance depicting a man and his lifelong romance with a woman. He believes in the personification of love and the fact that one has to know love to find love. However, love seemed to find him, and sure enough, he loved it.

Director Biography –¬†Koby Cole

The third of three children, Koby was born in Middlesbrough, England, in the year 2003, to Ghanaian parents. The family moved to Koforidua, Ghana in the year 2013, where his father, a doctor, set up a private medical practice, Newlands Medical Centre. Since 2015, Koby has been attending Ghana Christian International High School, a private boarding educational institution in Dodowa, Ghana. However, he began developing a profound love for writing in primary school, later finding comfort in the art of poetry. His love for movies as well as his love for written works nursed his almost sudden interest in filmmaking. Learning from the mistakes of his last and only short film so far, As The WInd Blows, he recently completed a new short film, Stars. His dream is to dive headfirst into the awakening of African cinema and the global projection of creative African voices for all to hear and see on the big screen.