Directed by Jimmy Gannon | Country of Origin: Australia | Runtime:9:53 | Short Film

A family driving along a quiet country road are about to have a close encounter of the third kind. The parents try to calm their daughter who’s crying in the back seat, but maybe her cries are a warning of the danger ahead…

Director Biography – Jimmy Gannon

Jimmy is a 37-year-old filmmaker based in Sydney, Australia. Jimmy’s background is not in film but in the Royal Australian Navy where he served for nearly 20 years. In 2017, Jimmy’s love for film took him to Vancouver, Canada where he worked at a production rental house. During this time, he met other filmmakers and worked on multiple short films. He also co-wrote, co-produced and directed the photography on his first feature film ‘Murder Box’. Upon returning to Sydney, he and his wife had their first child, Stevie. Stevie was the inspiration for producing his own short film ‘Selfies’. She was also a major player in his latest short film ‘The First Wave’.