Michael Mandell | United States | 01:25:24 | Feature Film

Status: Official Selection

A creepy director forces a former child star to act in his movie with him, which just so happens to be the worst movie of all time. But will it be her swan song?

Director Biography –¬†Michael Mandell

My name is Michael Mandell and I’ve been a storyteller since before I can remember. According to my mom, I didn’t speak till I was 3 but when I finally did, I told a whole story with a beginning, middle, and end.
Well I’m still telling stories after all these years. I’ve written a dozen features (plus a few pilots and countless shorts) , I write and direct plays that are produced each month in someone’s living room (now zoom), and I’m finally ready to make my dreams come true with my first feature film, “The Movie.” Baby steps. Like I said, I’m a late bloomer.