Directed by Tom Major | Country of Origin: United Kingdom | Runtime: 3:00 | Short Film

In the UK, one person dies each day due to gambling. The Unseen is a short sub 3-minute film about living with a gambling addiction. The story is narrated by myself from a poem I wrote titled “A Wheel That Spins” – Based on my real-life experience.
The wheel represents the wheel of life and a wheel of chance. The wheel keeps on spinning – morning, noon and night.

Director Biography – Tom Major

Tom Major, is a 34 year old Mobile Videographer from South East London in the United Kingdom. Currently shooting on iPhone 13 Pro Max, Tom’s vision is for videography to be accessible to all in a sustainable, eco-friendly way.
Tom’s filmmaking style is to tackle challenging subjects, such as mental health and addiction. Using spoken word narrative, with acting and music to build a story.