Directed by Maria Brenda Acopiado | Country of Origin: United States | Runtime: 7:04 | Short Film

Tanya Lopez, a nature photographer blogger known in her community is taking her career to the next level. She started a video blog like everyone else, capitalizing on her talent.
One cold day, Tanya is getting ready to do her very first on-site vlog. She decided to go to a forest preserve nearby to capture the beautiful nature in the middle of the winter season. As she was setting up her equipment, she heard a scary familiar sound that she did not anticipate. Upon witnessing the ill-fated event that changes the fate of her existence. Will she survive the hellish nightmare that she’s about to endure?

Director Biography –¬†Maria Brenda Acopiado
Award-winning Director, Screenwriter, Producer, & Actress. The Founder/CEO of Zatori Films, an emerging film production company based in Chicago, IL. Her team consists of a diverse group of independent filmmakers the majority are minority female professionals.

Maria was born and raised in the Philippines. She moved to Chicago with her family in her early adulthood. As an immigrant, it was a struggle to fit in and it took her a while to settle into her new home.

Her projects have been recognized and won various prestigious awards at 135 film festivals circuit around the globe. She is also the founder of No Small Potatoes Foundation (501c3). A non-profit organization that caters to Mental Health Awareness. The current President (2021-2022) of Lions Club Chicago Eagle’s Wings and honorary recipient of the exemplary community service award from the Asian American Coalition of Chicago. She was honored to be featured as one of the emerging Chicago Women in Films 2021 & invited as a special guest speaker at the National Period Day rally in Chicago. Maria continues to master her crafts and thrive in the industry that she fell in love with.

“Being a minority female filmmaker, it is ten times harder to succeed in the relentless industry that is dominated by men. However, that doesn’t scare me because that is what I set out to accomplish. I will not let others’ criticism & judgment prevent me from achieving my dreams. I am not afraid of hard work. It is part of the process.”

Her favorite quote is; Success is earned, not given.”