Directed by
Xavier ( adamss Mcgarcia) Garcia

Country of Origin
United Kingdom


More than 3 decades after the second world war, a communist country faces chaotic times…

Director Biography – Xavier ( adamss Mcgarcia) Garcia

Xavier Garcia( Adamss McGarcia) is an ordinary guy that in 2015 saw a short film call “The Fixer”by ConradMess, shot on iPhone and made by another ordinary guy.
Inspired by ConradMess and his art ,Xavier,decided to give it a go and made his very first short called “THE RING” and in that moment is when Xavier felt in love in the art of filmmaking.

After a few short films and documentaries running in different festivals, in 2019 Xavier gets his first 2 AWARDS WINNING to best Short Film shot on Smartphone with “BROKEN” .

Xavier is still an ordinary guy, with a passion to tell cracking stories using what we all have in our pockets,,,, a MOBILE PHONE