Directed by Vittorio Cova | Country of Origin United States | Runtime: 36:43 | Short film

Ron Holley, a clairvoyant wine connoisseur, is summoned by his lifelong friend, who owns one of the oldest vineyards in Texas, to taste the discovery of an unearthed bottle from 1881. Ron’s experience transmitted by this wine confronts him with mysterious realities and secrets from the past, a past that recalls that Texas was once a bloody frontier.

Director Biography – Vittorio Cova

Born in Mexico City, from an Italian background, Vittorio has had a passion for architecture and the way that it serves as a medium for spacial storytelling. Later during his years in university, he discovered that his imagination and creative visualizations, could be applied to filmmaking as a way to expand the art of narrative storytelling. He believes that modern-day cinema can be democratized and made available to those who so amorously seek it through the use of smartphones because of its infinite creative and surprising capabilities.

Vittorio likes to quote director Kathryn Bigelow on her thoughts about smartphone filmmaking, “Start with a story that you desperately and definitely want to tell, and then everything else will follow suit”. Quality storytelling does not require big budgets and expensive productions, Vittorio believes it simply requires confidence, patience, and creativity. “Winechester” is no exception, it took Vittorio over 3 years to visualize, write, produce, direct, and edit the project.

He delineates that, “One thing is initiative and another thing is terminative”, emphasizing ‘terminative’ as a coined interpretation representing the drive to see something come to its culmination through patience and dedication.Director Statement

Its a beautiful thing and most rewarding of all to imagine yourself as the composer of an orchestra and letting someone listen to the music inside your head the way you so passionately experience it, this was the motivated birth of “Winechester”.