Four Melbourne based smartphone filmmakers & researchers in the Center for Transformative Media Technologies at Swinburne University of Technology (Australia) (https://transformativemedia.swinburne.edu.au/) will present their current smartphone filmmaking projects at the African Smartphone International Film Festival (http://africansmartphonefilmfest.com/). 

Max Schleser will set the scene providing an overview of the developments and directions in mobile, smartphone and pocket filmmaking, Felix Gyebi explores the potential to give communities a voice, Darcy Yuille explores smart lighting choices for smartphone feature film productions and Shuai Li presents TikTok as a storytelling platform for mobile stories.

Max Schleser

Max Schleser (B.A. Hons, M.A., Ph.D.) is Senior Lecturer in Film and Television and Researcher in the Centre for Transformative Media Technologies (CTMT) at Swinburne University of Technology (Melbourne, Australia), Adobe Education Leader, Founder of the Mobile Innovation Network & Association (www.mina.pro) and Screening Director of the International Mobile Innovation Screening & Festival. Max’s research expertise are Immersive Media and Creative Arts 4.0 with a focus on Cinematic VR and interactive filmmaking. His research explores Screen Production, Emerging Media and Smartphone Filmmaking for community engagement, creative transformation and transmedia storytelling.

Smartphone Filmmaking: Connecting Communities & Creative Industries

They say the best camera is the one you have with you. Join Max Schleser to zoom in on the growing community of smartphone filmmaking. Over the last decade smartphone filmmaking evolved from an underground and art house into an egalitarian filmmaking and moving-image practice. In an international context mobile, smartphone and pocket films can provide access to filmmaking tools and technologies for a new generation of filmmakers. Max will review the developments and directions in mobile, smartphone and pocket filmmaking through the International Mobile Innovation Screening. During the last 10 years he curated the screening, which captures and celebrates smartphone films about communities and cities from around the world. Max will also talk about his smartphone films that screened at ASIFF.

Felix Amofa Gyebi

Felix Amofa Gyebi (B.A., Dip., MPhil.)  is a mixed-media artist and an educator with vested interest in the use of mobile media. He is passionate about Emerging Media and Smartphone Filmmaking. As a Mobile Innovation Network & Association [MINA] co-producer, he has contributed in diverse ways on the Mobile Studies Congress, MINA’s annual smartphone film festival and various workshops. He was part of the production team that worked on the recent smartphone documentary project, OPERA project (https://opera.eclc.org.au/). Felix explores community engagement through storytelling for social change. His current project Trash to Treasure explores collaborative smartphone documentary practice among the Krobo community of Ghana.

Trash to Treasure

The smartphone film Trash to Treasure aims to change the narrative in documenting African culture and give the Krobo community in Ghana a voice. This creative arts research captures how collaborative smartphone documentary storytelling can be used to preserve the culture of bead production and use among the Krobo people in Ghana. Trash to Treasure documents the recycling of glass into beads for both ceremonial purposes and retail as traditional artefact.

Darcy Yuille

Darcy Yuille began his career working as a camera assistant on TVC’s, Feature Films and TV Series at the Warner Roadshow Studios. He studied the two year Masters of Directing at AFTRS (2003) and has directed content around Australia. In April 2019 he wrote, directed and shot the Smartphone feature film ONE PUNCH, currently in post, and has a number of projects in development. 

Smartphone Cinematography on the run

Using the feature film One Punch as an example, I will share the process of preparing and shooting on a low budget using the best lighting available, enhancing existing practical light and choosing the right time of day to shoot.

Shuai Li

Shuai Li is a PhD Candidate at Swinburne University of Technology. He received his B.A. from Renmin University of China and his M.A. from the University of Melbourne (Australia). His background includes live streaming, video editing and color grading. He is Co-Founder of Grandshow Video Production company based in Melbourne focusing on the video productions in micro-movies, commercials, news, sports, and music videos. Shuai Li is a Creative Producer at MINA, the Mobile Innovation Network & Association (www.minp.pro).

Ice City: Harbin 

This city film is produced with several short videos attempting to generate an interactive storytelling format, which is entirely produced on smartphones; including filming, post-production and exhibiting on TikTok. As a novel way of mobile storytelling, this presentation will focus on examining the creative process and the contemporary storytelling culture of TikTok.

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